The National Cyber and Information Security Agency (NCISA) is the central body of state administration for cyber security, including the protection of classified information in the area of information and communication systems and cryptographic protection. It is also in charge of the public regulated service of the Galileo satellite system. It was created on August 1, 2017 on the basis of Act No. 205/2017 Coll., amending Act No. 181/2014 Coll., on the Cyber Security and on the Amendments of the Related Acts (Cyber Security Act).

Main areas of activity of NCISA:

  •     operates the Government CERT (GovCERT.CZ)
  •     cooperation with other Czech CERT® teams and CSIRTs
  •     cooperation with international CERT® teams and CSIRTs
  •     drafting of security standards for information system CII/IIS
  •     support of education in the field of cyber security
  •     research and development in the area of cyber security
  •     protection of classified information in the field of information and communication systems
  •     cryptographic protection
  •     operates National PRS Centre (NCPRS) which fulfills the task of CPA (Competent PRS Authority); PRS (Public Regulated Service) is one of the services provided by the European satellite system Galileo