Cyber Security Council (hereinafter referred to as „CSC“) has been established by the Decision of the Government of the Czech Republic n. 781 from 19th October 2011. The CSC is advising the Prime Minister on cybernetic security. The aim of its activity is also support to the NSA CZ as a body responsible for the cybernetic security in the issues demanding cooperation of others state bodies and operators of critical information infrastructure.

Main tasks of the Council are:

  • coordination of activities of state bodies in the field of cybernetic security and contribution to fulfilling international obligations in this field
  • coordination between state bodies while fulfilling obligations in the field of cyber security stemming from membership of the Czech Republic in international organizations and coordination of participation of the Czech Republic in international organizations and other international activities associated with cyber security
  • providing for good cooperation between its members
  • discussion of current issues of cyber security and drafting expert proposals and recommendations to the Government
  • collection and analysis of information about cyber security provided by its members
  • drafting of report on the cyber security in the Czech Republic which shall be presented by the Prime Minister to the Government on a regular basis as a policy document outlining priorities and corresponding tasks in the field of cyber security
  • cooperation with external entities and using their information in order to provide for cyber security of the Czech Republic