November 21, 2014

For the third time the National Security Authority (NSA) managed Czech entities, which participated in the Alliance's cyber exercise NATO Cyber Coalition 2014 (CC14). The objective of the exercise was to test the processes, coordination and technical and operational skills of participants in cyber defense and also address some legal issues in this field. 26 NATO member nations, five partner countries and European Union cyber defense representatives participated in the exercise.

CC14 took place from 17th November to 21st November and it was managed from the Estonian city of Tartu. As usual, CC14 was aimed to check the decision-making and coordination between NATO and national cyber defence capabilities, including partner countries.

Since NATO tries to involve research and industry in cyber defense more, the representatives from academia and industry from all participating states were invited to take part in the exercise for the first time.

As already mentioned, the NSA together with the Ministry of Defence (MoD) were in charge of the coordination of the Czech participants. Unlike the previous exercises, they managed to involve more Czech active players. Apart from the GovCERT.CZ and CIRC-MO experts from the Czech Police, intelligence services, security teams CSIRT.CZ, CZ.NIC, CSIRT MU and legal experts from NSA, MoD, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Masaryk University, who dealt with the legal issues together with lawyers from NATO CCDCoE in Estonia, took part in the exercise. Hence, this year the Czech Republic had the biggest representation in the exercise in its history.

Concrete results of the exercise will be evaluated and reported during the first quarter of 2015.