Governmental CERT (GovCERT.CZ) was included on the list of Terena-Trusted Introducer by 19th November 2013 (see the list).

Trusted Introducer association (TI) operates within the framework of the European organization TERENA and gathers European security teams from governmental, national or commercial sector (eg. banks, internet service providers, hardware producers and others) and universities.

The following teams from the Czech Republic are members of TI: Governmental GovCERT.CZ, National CSIRT.CZ, ACTIVE24-CSIRT, CESNET-CERTS, CSIRT-MU, CZ.NIC-CSIRT and SEZNAM.CZ-CSIRT (updated list can be found here).

The operator of the governmental security team GovCERT.CZ is the National Security Authority of the Czech Republic (NSA CZ) through its organizational unit National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). NCSC´s role is to coordinate cooperation at national and international level by preventing and resolving incidents and cyber-attacks.

GovCERT.CZ started the registration process in October 2013. Enlistment of GovCERT.CZ among the registered TI teams represents a further step towards closer cooperation with world class CERT or CSIRT security teams infrastructure and increases team´s prestige in the international environment. At the beginning of the next year, GovCERT.CZ will apply for a higher level of cooperation, a so called accreditation. This is a paid type of membership, which allows, inter alia, access to a wide range of information and contacts within the European partner countries.