April 08, 2015

Microsoft company Chief Executive Mrs. Biljana Weber, and National Security Authority Director (NSA), Mr. Dušan Navrátil have signed today an important „Agreement on the governement security programme“ (GSP). This framework agreement represents the result of targeted public and private sector cooperation in the field of cyber security.

On behalf of the Czech Republic, the agreement was signed by the NSA as the sponsor of cyber security issues as well as the national authority in cyber security field. With this agreement Microsoft provides to the NSA an access to its most valuable assets – source code and documentation, both having a crucial importance to Microsoft.

„Sufficient level in the cyber security field cannot be achieved without a confidence and cooperation between public sector and the rest of society. Only together we are able to create genuinely open and safe cyber space, where all of us will prosper,“ stated the NSA director Mr. Navratil after the signature. „Microsoft company belongs among key partners, with whom we construct defense abilities of the czech cyberspace,“ added the director Navrátil. „Expert analysis suggest that cyber crime has a dozen victims each second. An average damage caused by a single targeted cyber attack amounts to 60 million czech crowns for affected organisations,“ pointed out Mrs. Biljana Weber, the Czech Republic Microsoft company chief executive. „All stakeholders having the priority in securing both hardware and software need to cooperate in order to tackle effectively the ever growing problem. Microsoft intends to be a trusted partner to everybody and I am pleased that we are the first company in the Czech Republic contributing to the cyber security“, added Biljana Weber.

The GSP concluded with Microsoft represents one of the crucial steps within the National cyber security strategy of the Czech Republic for 2015-2020 period, which was agreed by the Governement in the beginning of 2015.