November 25, 2014

Today in Jerusalem, the Czech Republic and the State of Israel, recalling the long-lasting historic binds and common interests of both countries and with the reference to the current cyber security risks signed the Joint Declaration between the Government of the Czech Republic and the Government of the State of Israel on the Cooperation in the Field of Cyber Security.

The representatives of both sides have reached the following understandings:

  • To share information, best practices and lessons learned regarding cyber security threats and events as well as other relevant issues related to their national cyber security frameworks.
  • To enhance overall cyber resilience and improve preparedness against cyber threats through sharing experience in planning and executing national cyber exercises.
  • To share relevant information on cyber security R&D projects.
  • To create a secured communication channel for the purpose of sharing information regarding cyber security threats and events.

Not only will the mutual co-operation contribute to the enhancement of the cyber security in both countries but it will also support the economic co-operation and deepen the contacts in the sphere of R&D and innovations. The declaration was signed by Mr Jaroslav Smid from the National Seucirty Authoruty on behalf of the Czech Republic and by Dr Eviatar Matania from the National Cyber Bureau on the behalf of the State of Israel.