May 25, 2015

On 25 May 2015 the Czech Government adopted the Action Plan to the National Cyber Security Strategy for subsequent 5 years and the 2014 Status Report on the Cyber Security in the Czech Republic. Both documents were drafted by The National Security Authority (NSA).

The NSA in close cooperation with all relevant partners framed up the Action Plan defining concrete actions to fulfil core targets of the National Strategy, designating their competent agencies and appropriate time schedule. The Action Plan contains for instance activities required to ensure more effective cyber-crime fighting along with both Ministry of Interior and Police, tasks in the area of international cooperation identified along with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and last but not least process of creating a consequent ensuring of cyber defence specified in cooperation with Ministry of Defence.

The document can be downloaded here.

On 25 May the Government also approved the 2014 Status Report on the Cyber Security in the Czech Republic. The aim of this report is to provide comprehensive information on the Government's activities to ensure cyber security of the Czech Republic and in particular those of the NSA being in charge of the cyber security. The report delivers an overview of objectives reached in 2014 altogether in 8 areas:

  • developing of NCSC/Government CERT
  • cyber security legislation progress
  • drafting of conceptual documents on the Czech Republic cyber security policy
  • State's critical information systems and liaising subjects running critical information infrastructure and important information systems
  • international cooperation
  • national cooperation
  • awareness raising and education
  • Government CERT activities and monitoring of the cyber security recent development

The document can be downloaded here.