February 16, 2015

On 16 FEB 15 the Director of the National Security Authority submitted to the Government the new National Cyber Security Strategy of the Czech Republic for years 2015 – 2020 (hereinafter “Strategy”) and the Government adopted it. The Strategy follows up on the previous cyber security strategy, which was valid from 2012 till 2015. The vast majority of tasks stipulated therein where either successfully completed or have been being completed.

The new Strategy represents the important milestone for the Czech Republic in terms of the perception of the cyber security and its providing. Unlike the previous strategy, the new one brings the qualitative shift from building up the basic capabilities necessary to ensure the basic level of cyber security towards more enhanced and advanced one.

Contentwise, the Strategy is a comprehensive set of measures aimed on the achievement of the highest possible level of the cyber security in the Czech Republic. To this aim, it defines the vision of the Czech Republic in this field we would like to follow. Furthermore, the Strategy stipulates the basic principles which will be kept and it defines the particular challenges and problems both the Czech Republic and the international environment have to counter.

The main goals, which shall be achieved in the upcoming five years, are the key part of the Strategy. They are divided into the following priority areas:

  1. Ensuring efficiency and strengthening of all structures, processes and cooperation in the field of cyber security
  2. Active international co-operation
  3. Protection of the national Critical Information Infrastructure and Important Information Systems
  4. Co-operation with private sector
  5. R&D/Consumer’s trust
  6. Support to the education, awareness and the development of the information society
  7. Support to the development of Police’s capabilities to investigate and prosecute information crime.

The Action Plan to the Strategy, which defines the concrete steps, deadlines, responsibilities and the supervision of their implementation, is currently being drafted.

The Strategy is available here