On the dates from July 30th to August 3rd the Africa Endeavor 2018 symposium was organized by US Africa Command. More than one hundred representatives from more than 30 African countries participated in the event focused on interoperability, communications and cyber security. Czech team led by NCISA experts was invited by the organizers for the first time.

NCISA representative participated in a panel dedicated to critical infrastructure protection, sharing Czech approach and lessons learned. On the same day, head of the exercise unit spoke about table-top exercises and their benefits. Key contribution of the Czech team was conducting a non-technical table-top exercise. Participants divided into small groups dealt with defacements, DDoS attack, breach of ministry’s network or a cyber attack on power grid. Exercise was followed by an evaluation session on the next day. Based on the feedback, participants mostly valued realistic nature of the exercise and fruitful discussion inside their groups.

Plenty of them also highlighted the necessity of information sharing and whole-of-government approach during crisis originating in cyberspace.

We are very thankful to US Africa Command for the invitation and their support before and during the event. Czech Republic is honored to contribute to such event.