NÚKIB (NCISA) organized technical cyber security exercise for important international partners.

On November 20th and 21st, another run of the technical exercise Cyber Czech was conducted. The exercise was prepared in cooperation with Masaryk university and this time organized for our important international partners in the field of cyber security.

Experts from Croatia, Estonia, Israel and South Korea were invited to play the role of security teams. Observers from the Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom and United States were able to see what being in such an exercise entails. Main aim of the carefully prepared scenario was to train all four teams in protecting and defending the ICT systems used by units of Integrated Rescue System against a series of cyber attacks.

The main vulnerable element was represented by a software application of Integrated Rescue Systems dispatching. Its unavailability could cause serious disruption of the coordination of rescue operations leading to numerous casualties. The key task of defending “blue” teams was to, in a six-hour-long exercise, handle all incidents occurring in the prepared network. They faced escalating cyber attacks that got gradually more and more sophisticated. Exercise trained their technical skills, ability to communicate in a timely and comprehensible manner and their ability to share information within the team as well as with general public. The teams also exercised reporting to their management which entailed assessment of impacts of the incidents on the organization and suggesting measures and steps to take. In addition, a team of legal advisers was ready to be reach by the teams to consult the law perspective.

“Preparation of the Cyber Czech exercise can be very demanding and I am glad that we are able to offer it not only to our national partners, but also to the international ones. This contributes to further broadening of relations with significant partners from all over the world,” Dušan Navrátil, NÚKIB director, said.

Exercise was traditionally held in Cybernetic Proving Ground on the premises of Institute of Computer Science which is part of Masaryk University. Event was conducted in the form of simulation in closed, specially modified technical environment which enables using techniques and manipulation with content that would pose a serious threat in an open network. Preparation of the exercise took ten months and involved up to fifty people from both NÚKIB and Masaryk University. Mentioned scenario was already used in the first run of the exercise in October which was organized for employees of key Czech institutions.

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